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Frequently asked question

Would i be able to get a refund for a credit?

No, book recording credits are non-refundable. On the off chance that you drop your membership, you will have a half year to utilize any outstanding credits.

Are Boxebook audiobooks accessible to clients all over?

At present, audiobooks are accessible to Boxebook clients living in all the globe

What languages are audiobooks accessible in? 

We as of now offer audiobooks in English and French.

What's the contrast between an abbreviated book recording and an unedited one? 

Compressed audiobooks are altered variants of the first content that make for a shorter listening background. Complete audiobooks contain the full content, in exactly the same words, with no cuts.  

What is the record organization of a book recording? 

Audiobooks from Boxebook are in MP3 or MP4 position.

Does my book recording accompany an eBook rendition? 

Albeit most audiobooks in our index have an eBook equal, the two variants are sold independently. 

For what reason are audiobooks estimated more than eBooks? 

In spite of the fact that the content in the two configurations are frequently indistinguishable, audiobooks commonly cost more than eBooks because of extra generation costs. If it's not too much trouble note that costs for audiobooks and eBooks are set by distributers, and not by Boxebook.

My book recording alludes to pictures or other extra substance. Where do I discover those? 

Supplemental materials for audiobooks are not accessible as of now. We're attempting to include them as quickly as time permits.